easy scarf!

long, long ago, i read this blog post and was inspired by the simplicity of the design.  a few weeks ago, my brain dug that memory out of deep storage and i decided to try to make a similarly simple scarf for the happy toddler.  i chose to make it out of a semi-felted cashmere sweater that had already been cut into for a different project and the result was this lovely soft gray wrap:

the only problem?  unless there is great distraction, the boy tends to tug on it, so if i’ve got it doubled around his neck (for warmth), he’s just tightening the other loop the harder he pulls.  safety hazard, anyone?  sigh.  not sure if i should cut the loop and just use it as a traditional scarf (which will be pulled off immediately and flung to the floor) or just make sure that if he’s wearing it that someone is constantly keeping an eye on him and distracting him from pulling on it.  oh well, at least i got this cute photo!

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