flannel friday: let’s play in the forest

i used this book quite successfully last week for the first time.  it’s very heavily based on the book let’s play in the forest while the wolf is not around by claudia rueda (which is based on a traditional spanish song/game–bonus for you:  the song was recorded by a friend of mine here!).  i’ve also found the song in spanish on a recording called, “hop, skip and sing spanish” by ana lomba (an excellent resource if you’re building up your spanish storytime repertoire, by the way!).  the illustrations were taken almost directly from the book (i had to be a little creative since the wolf gets bigger on each page that he adds another piece of clothing) and i had a discussion with one of my colleagues about whether this constituted a copyright infringement and we decided that since the flannelboard is not currently available for sale, and since i’m not including the full text of the book, i’m actually providing (in essence) an advertisement for the book.  plus, it appears that the book is out of print (boo!  hiss!), but i’m not sure how that affects the copyright question.  all that said, if you know more about copyright law than i do, and if this is a gross infringement, please let me know and i’ll take this post down.

to make this flannelboard, i re-created the images from the book, printed them onto milk filters, then any piece that needs to be put on top of another piece (the jacket on top of the shirt, for example) i backed with felt (because milk filter doesn’t stick to  itself very well).  i cut the wolf himself out of felt.

if you’d like to make your own flannelboard version of this great title, feel free to use my pattern here.  i’d love to hear about your experiences with it!


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