new sleepytime mixtape

way back when baby dude joined our family, i shared a list of my favorite sleepytime songs with you, dear readers. in the following 17 months i’ve made a total of 3 more sleepytime song lists on my ipod and we listen to them as he falls asleep pretty much every night.  in case you, or someone you know, enjoys listening to music as you fall asleep, i’ve decided to share my song lists with you here in the hopes that you will discover an artist that you’ve never listened to before and fall in love with their music.  as with the last compilation, these songs are a mix of “kids” music and “adult” music.  some are from albums which i love in their entirety, others may be the only song that i like from that particular artist.  in general, these songs are more mellow than the first mix (we rarely listen to that one now as it seems “too upbeat” for bedtime to me now!).  i’ll include links to artist sites or sites where you can preview and purchase the songs wherever possible.  click on the image above to get a pdf with some original cover art i created.

more sleepy songs:

don’t need anything by glen phillips (listen to whole song here)

last train home by david mead

being with you by jamie barnett

one voice by the wailin’ jennys

hush by sara hickman (apparently she is the official state musician of texas… who knew?)

falling asleep by essie jain

sweep away by nat hussey

firefly by laura doherty

if you listen by elizabeth mitchell

night mantra by renee & jeremy

falling star lullaby by renee & jeremy

sleep my love by renee & jeremy

land of dreams by nat hussey

if you do discover a new favorite, i’d love to hear which one it was!

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