the other pants

my last post promised photos of the other pants i’d made, so here’s the before (women’s old navy size 4):

and here’s the after:

the original pair had one of those short zippers that low-waisted pants often do and i thought that might work better.  it did, but the rise of the pants was actually smaller than the rise in my baby pants pattern (although i think it would have been fine if i’d remembered that my pattern included extra height on top to be folded over for the waistband and that i didn’t need to do that for these pants since they already had a waistband, but oh well).  i also think the hips are a leeeetle bit too generous, even with cloth diaper butt, but i’m too lazy to take these apart and re-sew them. they’ll work fine for now and i’ll take those notes into consideration when i make the next pair.

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