luxurious crafternoon

yesterday, two friends from church came over to do some screen printing.  i’d been wanting to do a screen printing session for a very long time and so i took their request to come over as an excuse to ignore homework for a day (i’ll probably regret this later this week) and just get some crafting time in.  we drank tea, listened to music, and i printed a ton of stuff.  we took turns entertaining the happy baby and since i had to leave early they even cleaned everything up!  it was bliss.  i don’t have time to photograph all of it this morning (see:  homework, above), so here’s just a little teaser:

remember this outfit from a few posts ago?  i decided to go with the lotta jansdotter inspiration and i llllooooovvvvveeee it.  i ended up liking the design so well that i printed it on a bunch of stuff (including a shirt for myself) but some of it is gifts, so i can’t show you anyway.

i think the happy baby thinks maybe these are pajamas.

maybe they are?  it’s so hard to tell with baby clothes sometimes.

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