too much happy

i’m suffering from blogger’s backlog block.  you know–when you’ve got so many things you want to blog about that you don’t know where to start and it just seems so overwhelming that you put it off for just one more day?  well, i’ve got to break through the crust and dive in at some point, so although the next few posts may not happen in chronological order, here’s what i’ve got for today.

remember the sew mama sew giveaway days?  well, i lucked out big time with this package.  the lovely blogger, sonja at soduel, promised to send the winner a surprise package full of goodies chosen just for them.  she promised to visit the winner’s blog, read through it, and get some ideas of what they might like to receive and compose a prize according to her findings.  intriguing hook, no?  i still can’t believe that my number was the one chosen by her random generator.  i felt especially lucky when i opened my package to find this:

yes, that is my very own copy of zakka sewing (woo hoo!  that was one craft book i was really hoping to get this christmas!), some lovelypeacock blue thread, wooden buttons, seam binding (you can’t see the awesome green rick-rack hiding below it) and some of that yummy michael miller pear fabric in brown, green and blue.  perfect!  she said on her blog that picking the prizes was more difficult than she’d imagined, but i think she did a fantastic job!

it made me wonder if this would be a fun premise for a swap someday…. what do you think?  getting matched up with someone you only know via their blog and sending them a package of goodies that you think they’d like?  we could make it even more challenging by adding a rule that you can only spend, say $5 plus adding items from your own stash….

i can’t promise to organize such a swap right now, but if there’s enough interest (or if someone else wants to volunteer to take this idea and run with it) it might happen someday…..

for now, i’m just dreaming up the perfect project for my pear fabric.  thanks a million, soduel!

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3 Responses to too much happy

  1. ruhama says:

    very fun! i’d do it. i have thought about doing it in the past for some bloggers that i’ve never met in person just as a random thing, too.

  2. Wendy says:

    You’re going to love the Zakka book! I’ve made several things from it and they all turned out great.

  3. Rebekah says:

    That zakka book is so cute…I want to make the squirrel tea cozy from it.

    I think that sounds like a really fun swap idea

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