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bonus smoothie recipe #3– purple flamenco

one last freebie smoothie recipe to get your new year off to a healthy start.  this one was inspired by joia soda.  originally, i’d added beet to this recipe and the first time i made it, i put in an … Continue reading

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need a stocking stuffer idea?

how about a digital copy of happy smoothie?  from now until dec. 25, use the code “santalovessmoothies” in my shop to receive $1 off of your digital copy of happy smoothie.  i will also e-mail you these cute cards which … Continue reading

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bonus smoothie #2 — feel better

i have been dealing with one of those annoying colds that last forever.  the kind that aren’t really bad enough to justify lying around in bed, but that just sort of steal your extra energy and make everything seem so … Continue reading

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bonus smoothie recipe #1 — “pumpkin” nog

thanks so much for the enthusiastic response to my last post!  as a token of my gratitude, i’ll share a freebie recipe for everyone.  this morning’s smoothie didn’t make the cut into the book because it’s a bit too decadent … Continue reading

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what’s been keeping me busy lately, part 2 (mom & sister sarah might want to skip this post if they want to be surprised for christmas…)

anyone who’s read this blog for awhile or who knows me in real life knows that i have a tendency to get a bit … over-ambitious with certain projects that really should be quite simple.  not all projects get the … Continue reading

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looking for recipe testers…

i’m working on a project and i’m looking for some volunteers to help me test some smoothie recipes.  here’s what i’d be asking you to do: —in the next few weeks, buy some specific ingredients to make a number of … Continue reading

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scandinavian tuna melt

looooong time readers (hi, mom!) may remember my brief mention of a family favorite recipe called a scandinavian sandwich wheel that we always made a few times each summer when i was growing up.  i still love that recipe, but … Continue reading

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you really should try these.

unless, maybe if you have a nut allergy.  then you should stay far away from them.  but if you’re okay with nuts, then these are a-ma-zing and have been the new favorite adult snack (the happy little dude isn’t a … Continue reading

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zucchini bread pancakes

okay, this is not a recipe post so much as a strong suggestion that you (especially if you have a surplus of zucchini lying around right now) immediately make plans to cook and eat these zucchini bread pancakes from smitten … Continue reading

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summer smoothies

during our recent trip to texas, i discovered that one of my dear aunts has developed a breakfast smoothie habit just like i have.  this was awesome news for several reasons–first, because it meant i could get a smoothie for … Continue reading

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