scandinavian tuna melt

IMGP5601looooong time readers (hi, mom!) may remember my brief mention of a family favorite recipe called a scandinavian sandwich wheel that we always made a few times each summer when i was growing up.  i still love that recipe, but no one else in this household is a fan (at all) and it’s a lot of work to make one for just me.  i have no idea why it took me this long to think of this solution, but it’s brilliant–“scandinavian” tuna salad!  i first ate it as a tuna melt, but i also enjoyed it as a cold tuna salad sandwich for lunch today (no photo, but i’m sure you can imagine it).  here’s the approximate recipe:

–“scandinavian” tuna salad–

1 packet of tuna, packed in water

chopped cucumber

chopped green pepper

chopped black olives

1 hard boiled egg (chopped!)



if you want it as a tuna melt, put it on a piece of bread (or flatbread as above, it’s just what i had at hand), top it with some sliced tomatoes and cheddar cheese and then toast it in a toaster oven until the cheese melts.  yum-o!

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