something crafty and a few other silly things

so, i said i’d post something crafty, but i didn’t say it had to be something i’d made recently, right?  here’s an apron that i made a loooong time ago.  the design was created using a hand-cut freezer paper stencil.  i think i thought i could make more than one print using the same paper, but … not so much.  even if i’d cut more than one copy, the paper gets so curly that it’s hard to work with.  thanks, “n” for letting me photograph you in the garden!

on a completely different note, tonight in my class (i’m working towards my masters of library science and currently i’m taking an entry-level cataloging class) i was amused by two things —

1.  that catalogers (or someone anyway) has come up with a label (“field terminator”) for something in a marc record that is pretty much invisible.  yep.  they even label things that aren’t there.

2.  the word “aboutness” and the fact that apparently it’s a real word that people in my profession actually use when talking about determining subject headings.

yes, the class is dry, and yes, this is the humor, folks.  actually, the professor for this particular class is quite funny and i appreciate his efforts to inject levity into this subject.  the two things stated above were things i found funny on my own.  he also pointed out that in the a certain “table of pattern heading examples” there are two categories of animals–fishes and cattle.  and a wildebeest is a fishes.  love the logic.

(in case you’re curious, apparently, it has to do with wild v. domestic, but for some reason, it was too easy to just say “wild” and “domestic.”  i sort of like the mental picture that fishes and cattle paints anyway.)

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