we have a winner! (and a pillowcase)

one of my jobs at work is purchasing children’s music cd’s.  my budget is very small (probably due to the fact that for a few years, they sort of forgot to assign anyone to purchase music and the budget got raided for other things) so i search high and low for the very best music to add to our collection.  in the process of this search, i listen to lots of children’s music.  sometimes just one or two samples from a cd, sometimes all of the samples, sometimes the whole cd.  while i’m ostensibly shopping for work, i am also secretly hoping to discover another personal favorite.  the first personal favorite i found (at least in recent years) was elizabeth mitchell’s you are my little bird.  i love this cd.  all other cd’s are judged against this one.  the next personal favorite cd i found (which was almost as good, but not quite) was dog on fleas’ when i get little.  i’ve blogged about that cd already, but basically, i really like the majority of songs on this cd, but a few were not quite my favorites.  well, readers, i think it’s safe to say that i’ve found another personal favorite in nat hussey’s papa goose:  nursery tunes fresh from maine.  i read this review and got very excited by the description, so i went to cdbaby and listened to the samples.  what makes a personal favorite cd?  if i find myself singing (and sometimes dancing) along with the music the first time i hear it.  if i want to listen to it over and over.  if, after a few listens, i smile when each song begins and think, “oh yeah, this song again!  i love this one!”  i was dancing and harmonizing even to the samples.  i ordered the cd so i could hear the whole thing and… i love it!  the first time i listened to it in the car, the music made me so happy that i cried!  (granted, i may have been a little over-emotional that day, but still!)  this cd came out in 2005, but it’s timeless.  there are songs that remind me (like the other reviewer pointed out) of paul simon and james taylor.  buy this cd.  it’s completely delightful.  (oh, and if you do buy it, tell me so i don’t unwittingly get you a second copy for christmas.  no promises.  i’m just sayin.’)

now, on to the pillowcase part of the title:

i’ve had this pillowcase on my to-do list since i made this duvet and i finally finished it tonight.  it’s for my enormous body pillow.  i don’t even think they make pillowcases big enough to fit it.  but i’m happy to make my own.  what do you think?

(it’s reversible to match the reversible duvet).  i’m mostly just glad to be able to mark this one off the list.  sorry, i couldn’t wait until daylight to take the photos, so they’re a bit dark around the edges.  can you still see them?

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7 Responses to we have a winner! (and a pillowcase)

  1. ruhama says:

    ah, yes, the lure of great children’s music! that’s how i feel about laurie berkner’s buzz buzz–it’s fun, singable (and gets stuck in your head), but not over-the-top-cutesy. i found that cd when looking for cookie songs for a family storytime.

    and your pillow cover is fabulous. :)

  2. amber says:

    This is great! I need to make one for mine – I just have an ugly green one now.

  3. Rebekah says:

    Have you checked out the putamayo cds? I think they have some children’s music in their collection, but I’m not sure about that.

    I love your pillow cover! I’ve always wanted to try out a body pillow…maybe this will be the push I need to buy one and “trick” it out :)

  4. heather says:

    Your recommendation for Elizabeth Mitchell way back when changed my “little ears” listening life. We listen to her all the time at home, I’ve used her music in my classes at school, recommended her to friends and family, and I even listen to her all by myself when sewing. I’m glad you search high and low for me because I just don’t have time these days. Thanks for the new recommendation. When my very small budget allows…I’ll be purchasing this CD.

    Love the patchwork pillowcase.

  5. blogapotamus says:

    You are just so crafty I could spit. The pillowcase for MY body pillow is just plain white!

    I love You Are My Little Bird. Elizabeth Mitchell has been required listening for the Prawn since birth!

  6. Justine says:

    I love how intricate one side is and how simple the other is. It’s nice to have those options. Something bold and flashy and something more calming. I’m looking into making a quilted covering for a plain white down blanket I have. It’s just so bleak to look at and I want something colorful. I’d like to make it reversible as well. We’ll have to see what I come up with.

    Anyway – very beautiful! And that is an enormous pillow! Must be lovely!


  7. Carissa says:

    i got the cutest e-mail today from nat hussey:

    Thank you so much for this! I’ve been offline quite a bit due to lobster season and my new job as the island’s tax collector. My absolute favorite thing to do is record and perform my own tunes. I don’t get enough time between work and family, so when I hear back that someone likes the tunes, it absolutely makes my week. Thanks again. -Nat

    i love it!

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