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so my favorite kids music album of 2006 was, hands down, elizabeth mitchell’s “you are my little bird.” in 2007, i searched for another all-around winning album and the closest i came was “when i get little” by the band dog on fleas. this album has some really catchy tunes that make me happy every time i listen. there are also a few that i eventually found myself fast-forwarding after listening to the cd a few times–they were just a little… too much for me. but really, i love the vast majority of songs on the album. i like it so much that i found a few of their older albums and listened to them as well. although i didn’t like “cranberry sauce flotilla” quite as much as “when i get little” there are a few gems like ‘sleep under stars’ and ‘listen to the mockingbird’ that got stuck in my head–in a good way.

and so, i’ve put together a list of my favorite songs from these two cd’s as well as a few favorite songs from other albums that i discovered in 2007 and here they are:

Selections from When I Get Little by Dog On Fleas:

1. When I Get Little

2. Give It Away

3. The Moon Song

4. Come on Down

5. Honeybaby

6. The Coo Coo

7. Peace Will Come

8. Babeo

9. Scratch my Back

Selections from Cranberry Sauce Flotilla by Dog on Fleas:

10. Listen to the Mocking Bird

11. Weevily Wheat

12. Sleep Under Stars

Selections from Down at the Zoo by George Carver (the most funkadelic children’s album i’ve ever heard!)

13. Down at the Zoo
14. They Got Feet

15. The Funky Yak

Other Friends:

16. Mr. Cookie by the Jellydots

17. Mail Myself to you by John McCutcheon

18. Life is Sweet by Maria Sangiolo

19. Little Potato by Malcolm Dalglish

20. Little Cricket by Steve Weeks

21. Shoes: Farewell my Pants by The Nields

on some of these albums, this is the only song i really like, but on others i might have liked a few, but the one on the list is my favorite.
Any songs/albums/artists you’d like to add?

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