so i think i’ve mentioned before that i’m now a needlepoint fan.  well, i finished another piece!  this one features eye-bendingly bright colors (much to the horror of mr. happy stuff) but it pulls together some of the disparate colors i’ve been trying to link in the living room and it’s cute!  the pattern is (roughly) from the book great knitted gifts which has great patterns that i would never attempt to knit (way too comlex) but which make wonderful needlepoint patterns.  i took a few liberties with the color suggestions.
here’s a close-up:

and here’s a funny story for the day:

last weekend, i attended an event called “celebrating youth*” for work.  i thought it was going to be a boring series of workshops where i sat at an info booth for the library (as i had done the day before at a different event) but i was sooooo wrong. it was a day full of performances by local kids doing all sorts of things–dancing, singing, unicycling, juggling, lots of different stuff–and it was great fun!  so, on tuesday, when one of the parents at my infant/toddler program at the library asked me how my week was going, i thought i’d plug this annual event.  i said, “on sunday, i went to ‘celebrating youth’–have you heard of it?” and the dad replied, “no, i went to ‘bemoaning old age’ instead.” but he said it in such an off-hand way and then continued the conversation as though he hadn’t made a joke, that i didn’t even pick up on what he’d said until a few beats later and then i laughed, but it was too late.  the moment had passed.  but i still giggle about it whenever i remember it.  i keep imagining what sort of performances might be at an event with that name.
*although this is a great event, i think it’s a poorly named one.  i mean, even if they’d add the word “festival” or something to the end, it would more accurately reflect the atmosphere and (i think) attract more participants.  although there wasn’t a dearth of participants, so what do i know?

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