my apologies for the product placement

ok, i think that most of you frequent readers of the happy stuff blog know that i don’t generally plug specific products, but i just have to tell you about this new snack bar i’ve discovered. i stumbled across these in the local co-op when i was shopping for organic clif bars (also quite tasty) and was intrigued. i fell in love with the cherry pie flavor at first bite. here’s the ingredient list: dates, almonds, dried unsweetened cherries. that’s it. they taste sooooo good and there’s nothing bad in them! i love that they trust the natural flavors of the ingredients to stand on their own and don’t try to muck it up with cinnamon or oatmeal or something. the ingredient list is so simple that i’m sort of tempted to try to make some at home, but i keep envisioning a giant, sticky mess.

[full disclosure: after writing this entry, i went to the larabar website to see if they had any apricot flavors and found their blog. apparently, there’s a “contest” for people writing about larabars on their blog. so, this will be an entry, but i swear i found out about the contest after i wrote this! hey, they might send me free stuff! and you know how i feel about free stuff…]

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