meals for moving in

my parents moved here to live closer to us (hooray!) and, knowing that they’d be busy unpacking and fixing the house to suit their needs for the next few weeks, i made a list of easy-prep menu ideas and bought the groceries to stock their house before they arrived. in case anyone else is in this situation (or in case you’d just like a list of my family’s favorite “quick & easy” menu ideas), i thought i’d post it here.

note: this is not a list for any restrictive or allergy diet needs. it’s not the healthiest foods, and it’s certainly not the most “authentic” recipes (my apologies to anyone who makes real huevos rancheros, etc.). it’s just the easiest and quickest meals that my own family gravitates to time after time. if you’re looking for an excellent source of healthy and tasty weekly menu plans and shopping lists, may i recommend the sprouted kitchen cooking club? i didn’t join because i love doing my own menu planning, but her instagram posts each week make me reconsider that choice every single time. if you live near me and you’re looking for something even easier, i’d suggest the pasture and plenty weekly meal kits. they come with something ready to heat and eat that night, something to cook for another day that week and something for your freezer and they use re-usable containers that you return each week when you pick up your next kit so there’s no waste!

but if you’re here for quick, cheap foods your kids will likely eat, here’s a pdf of my family’s go-to list and a grocery list of all of the ingredients you need to make all of these menu items. and here are the “recipes” for each of those menu items (i use the term “recipe” loosely because many of them are just assembling ingredients.)

what are your family’s favorite go-to, quick & easy meals?

note: you can find the granola recipe linked in my previous blog post.

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