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dad+mei know that some of you really enjoy my app recommendations, so i thought i’d post a few of our new favorites. first, the apps that get the most actual playtime by the happy little dude:

dipdapiconDipDap–in this app, users are invited to complete a drawing of an object that DipDap needs–a car, a lawnmower, a basketball, whatever. you can choose to follow the faint suggested lines they give you, or you can make a crazy scribble or draw whatever you want. once you finish your drawing, they drop what you’ve created into a humorous animation where DipDap uses the object you’ve drawn. This app has the highest “giggles per use” ratio that i’ve seen in a looooong time. highly recommended.

BigReadingShowIconThe Big Reading Show–an app produced by hooked on phonics, this one has been a surprise super hit with both the boy and me. it’s got excellent, catchy musical riffs, a well-designed user interface and (here’s the best part) it has actually noticeably increased the happy little dude’s interest in and aptitude for reading. you can get the first “episode” for free and the rest are a rather pricey in-app purchase, but i can say that the investment is totally worth it on this one. tons of fun, solid pedagogy and songs that will get stuck in your head all day in a not unpleasant way.

other apps that both the happy little dude and i love (my reviews are available at each link below) include:

babypants_iconCaspar Babypants’ Music Time

Gappy_icon Gappy Learns Writing

metamorphicon Metamorphabet

miximal_icon Miximal

drawnimal_icon Drawnimal

loopimal_icon Loopimal

fietematchicon Fiete Match

fiete_spot_icon Fiete Spot the Difference

endlessSpanishIcon Endless Spanish

simple_machines_iconsimple machines by tinybop


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