this year’s diy christmas gifts, part 4: soft nesting bowls


IMGP9726 the funny part is that i distinctly remember giving myself permission to buy more gifts this year and not feel like i needed to make as many. ha! oh well, i loved making each of these gifts. these bowls were definitely the most time-consuming, but i actually chose the project because i like to have a yarn-based project to work on during long meetings and car rides, preferably one that doesn’t take too much thinking. this cute project fit the bill! although you have to pay attention while you’re crocheting the base (and increasing stitches at a regular rate), once you get the base to the size you want, crocheting the sides is pretty mindless. again, this project was discovered on pinterest, but with a few lazy, non-crocheter shortcuts for me (i mostly ignored any stitch instructions in the pattern and just did the whole thing in single crochet–no fancy border at the top or anything). it would probably look nicer if i’d actually taken the time to learn the other stitches and followed the pattern, but i honestly don’t think the little girls who received these sets (my niece and the happy baby herself) will care at all. in case you’re curious– i made one set with red as the largest and purple as the smallest (see above) and one set with purple as the largest and red as the smallest (see bottom photo below) so that i wouldn’t run out of the yarn used for the larger bowls. also, i don’t really recommend using this yarn for crochet–it’s quite splitty. but it does look all pretty, shiny, jewel-toned and it’s relatively cheap too!IMGP9725i got a text yesterday from my sister-in-law with this photo of the toy in action:


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