movie monday: cooking with the beebees

a few years ago, i read a book called sadie and ratz to the happy little dude. it was a book about a girl who’d decided to name her hands “sadie” and “ratz.” her hands sometimes got into trouble, but it was never her fault–it was sadie and ratz’ fault! a few weeks later, the happy little dude’s hands got nicknames of their own. one was named “lloris” (where the “ll” sounds like a soft “dj” sound, as in spanish) and the other name took awhile to settle in, but eventually became beebeebobbi. after a few more weeks, both hands became simply, “the beebees.” interestingly enough, the hands of several of his best friends have also become nicknamed “the beebees,” especially when they are similarly misbehaving. but the beebees aren’t always naughty. sometimes they’re very helpful and rather chatty. here’s a sneak peek into the time they helped us to make a batch of pancakes.

Cooking with the BeeBees from carissaabc on Vimeo.

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