App picks by a 4 year old: A 12 Day Countdown (Day 1)

i’m doing a “12 days of apps” series on my work blog, so i thought it might be fun to ask the happy little dude what his top 12 apps are.  this was a tricky process for him (narrowing it down, ranking them…so difficult and somewhat confusing!) and honestly, there are some apps in the list that i think are in the wrong spot (or shouldn’t be on the list at all because i don’t actually see him playing with them very much), but i tried my best not to meddle and let the list be his own.  with that caveat…

for #12, he chose toca town. you can watch the short video above to find out his favorite thing about toca town.  i like toca town because it is so open-ended and there’s so many silly things you can make the characters do. there’s a ton to see and explore and play with.

if you’d like to see my #12 pick(s) check it out!

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