big boy bed

the happy little dude has been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for a very long time now (since he was little enough that i was worried he’d roll out of a taller bed and be hurt) and so when my parents visited last month, i asked my dad if he’d build a bed for my boy.  i poked around on pinterest and was inspired by this photo.  happy little dude always wants us to “make him a tent” when he goes to bed (he likes to hide under the covers with a flashlight), so i thought he might enjoy having a whole “house” over his head.IMGP7526i added stars–both painted and glow-in-the-dark stickers — and a night sky to the inside, along with an LED taplight.  i love that he now sleeps on a pillow made for him by one grandma, under a quilt made by another grandma, on top of a bed made by a grandpa!


and after this photo shoot, we added a little bookshelf beside the “window” that can hold all the bedtime necessities.  i have to admit that i’m a little jealous.  i’ve always wanted glow-in-the-dark stars above my bed.  i love reading stories here every night!IMGP7536

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