movie monday: an introduction to ray charles

one morning last week as we piled into the car, i said, ‘let’s hit the road, jack!’ and then (of course) i had to explain why i’d called the happy little dude “jack.”  he asked about the song again that evening when we got home, so i googled it and found this youtube clip of ray charles singing the song.  we listened to the whole thing twice, then watched a few of the cover versions and by the end of all that, he could. not. stop. singing. it.  didn’t help that he sort of gets stuck in an infinity loop and can’t find his way out.  we thought you might enjoy his rendition:


Hit the Road from carissaabc on Vimeo.


oh, and by the way, he had the hardest time saying “ray charles” for some reason and kept asking me about “rachel.”

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