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IMGP6268-001with all this smoothie talk, i wanted to share a little bit about the blender i own.  for the first year or so of my daily smoothie habit, i used the blender we had owned for awhile.  it worked pretty well, but i was tired of having to take all the pieces apart every time i wanted to wash it.  then it suddenly stopped working.  the motor still sounded like it was running, but the blade didn’t spin at all (and I checked–the blade wasn’t jammed or anything).  time for a new blender!

i debated going for the big name option and getting a vitamix, but then i saw how much even a low-end one cost and i realized i needed to research and make sure this was the best blender for me before plunking down that kind of cash.  while poking around the internet and getting overwhelmed with all of the blenders on the market claiming to be the best of the best, i discovered this video


between that and the fact that i’d actually tried out a kitchenaid at my sister-in-laws and liked it (the blade is incorporated into the pitcher!  it actually blends things well!), and i could pick from many awesome colors, aaaaand the fact that i found one on sale for $60…. it was pretty much a no-brainer.

now that i’ve owned it for awhile, my only complaints are that it is louder than my old blender (oh well.) and that recently it’s started leaking around the blade.  that’s usually fixed (albeit temporarily) by tightening up the nuts that hold it in place, but i can foresee having to replace the jar before the motor burns out on this one.  but even if i have to buy 4 replacement jars, it’s still waaaaay cheaper than a vitamix.  and cuter.  and i don’t have to poke it with a stick.

note:  kitchenaid did not compensate me in any way to write this post (although if they wanted to send me a replacement blender jar, i wouldn’t complain.  ahem.)– they don’t even know my blog exists.  if i was blogging for income, this would be where i would announce some big kitchenaid blender giveaway, but…. nope, i just blog for the joy of it.  sorry.  no free blenders, just free blabbing.

another note:  the smoothie book is still on sale in my etsy shop, 25% off (use the coupon code, “ipreferprint”)!  i’m crossing my fingers that it gets printed tomorrow…

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2 Responses to choosing a blender

  1. mamaraby says:

    I have a vintage Oyster that I got from my Grandma and it works pretty well (at least it’s better than the modern Oyster I got when the husband and I got married). It can handle cashew cream and most smoothie ingredients, but I doubt it could attack something like kale. We’d love a Vitamix, but that’s not going to happen. Which Kitchen Aid blender do you have? Looks like there’s two – the five speed ($99) and the diamond vortex ($150).

  2. Carissa says:

    aw fiddlesticks. if i was a GOOD blogger, i’d have noticed before posting this review, that they no longer carry the model i purchased (KSB560TG1 if you care). I tried to figure out the difference between the 5-speed and the diamond other than the shape of the base (the smaller footprint would be nice) and the pricetag. Still, if this one fell out of our car on a trip across town and needed to be replaced, i’d probably buy whichever of the two was cheaper (unless i really liked the smaller size of the base in person when i went to shop). and the $60 pricetag was at one of those big “one-day” sales at macy’s and i may have actually also had some credit-card-cashback to spend on it… Still, even the diamond is way cheaper than a vitamix at full price. (oh, and i went and looked it up. my old blender was a braun and it’s claim to fame was a triangular jar.

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