fashion chronicles: hello fall!

IMGP5792i have a couple of outfits i’ve been meaning to blog, but haven’t gotten around to, so here’s a catch-up post.  outfit #1 utilizes a red corduroy shirt thing that i wasn’t sure would still look good on me, but i really liked it layered with this polka-dot shirt, especially with the cuffs turned up all kicky. (hard to see in the waning light of a fall evening, sorry)  also, this homemade necklace (cut-up catalogs + packing tape + ribbon) was perfect with the whole ensemble.  best part about this shirt?  i’d bought this shirt (size large) last fall, but had lately started to avoid wearing it because it just felt so… roomy.  then, i found the exact same shirt in a size small at my favorite thrift shop, tried it on, and it fits like a dream!  so many happy bits to that story… (and we are entering the season of embiggening.  wish me luck, everyone)


outfit #2 — in retrospect, i’m not really sure that the sweater and the boots aren’t fighting here, but i had so much fun wearing this outfit.  i think the glasses must be making me braver in my outfit choices.  this is the first animal print thing (other than a few subtle scarves) i’ve ever owned.  rawr.

IMGP5891i wish i’d gotten a closer shot of the necklace because it went perfectly!

IMGP5892and in outfit #3, i’m making a dress pretend to be a skirt.  i actually had on a long-sleeved shirt underneath the jacket for extra layering goodness, but ended up buttoning the jacket all the way.  although the weird fabric folds across my chest make me wonder if perhaps i should have unbuttoned the top button?  anyway, i love the punch of yellow from my crazy, knotty t-shirt scarf-lace thingy.  have i ever shared it with you before?  it was inspired by this scarf from an etsy shop.



and just for fun… crazy mama face.


so, i started these “fashion chronicles” posts awhile back now.  are you still enjoying them?  because i’ve found some awesome things while thrifting lately and i gained some awesome things at the annual “clothing swap” at the women’s retreat this year (and brought two garbage bags FULL of stuff to donate to the swap.  yay for closet renewal!).  should i continue to post outfits every now and then?

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