blog maintenance: can you read me now?

several of you have commented that the body text in my new, beautiful template is difficult to read on some computers.  i’ve gone in and tinkered with the css (and also figured out how to get my lowercase letters back (at least mostly) woot!).  is this version easier to read?  (i’m also interested to know how many of you had or did not have funky font readability issues before the change, so any and all responses are helpful.)  thanks!

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3 Responses to blog maintenance: can you read me now?

  1. ruhama says:

    yes! much better!

  2. irritating bro-in-law says:

    Definitely easier to read!

    Pity about losing the custom font, though. Helvetica is a wonderful font—nigh on timeless—but its very ubiquitousness has dulled the edge of its professional sheen.

    I see you are using several of the google webfonts. If you feel like messing around further, you might try Open Sans, PT Sans, or Noto Sans. Like Helvetica they’re pretty basic and display well at smaller sizes better than most of the more decorative options, but unlike Helvetica they aren’t … Helvetica.

    Can you tell I have a font fetish?

  3. Magda says:

    I didn’t have problems with it before, but I like it better now.

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