a surprise gift for a friend


have i mentioned here that i am currently obsessed with making marshmallows from scratch?  i recently had a friend (who makes marshmallows professionally, among other things) teach me how to make them and as soon as i have the technique perfected, i’m hoping to post a tutorial here on happy stuff.  the only problem is that perfecting a marshmallow recipe means making lots of marshmallows.  and really, no one should eat thaaaaaaat many marshmallows.  so when i made my last batch (still a bit too…. stringy? but nevertheless way more tasty than stay-puft.) and was pondering what to do with them, i thought of this kid and his little brother and his wonderful mama and couldn’t think of anyone i knew who loved marshmallows more than them.  so i put together this box (with some homemade graham crackers and local chocolate, of course) to send to them.  i was thrilled that i’d found this box in my stash (perfect size!  all-white, no weird labels or printing!) and lined the box with tissue paper and wax paper and then crossed my fingers that it would arrive safely.  (it did. although the picture she posted on facebook was missing a few marshmallows…)  such a fun package to put together!  and who wouldn’t be excited to get this in the mail?

we had one of the giant marshmallows left over, and the happy little dude was happy to help me make it disappear.


IMGP4221although he couldn’t even finish a whole one by himself!

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