the continuing saga of no ‘poo

i have to say that, now that i’m three months or more into this process, i am an even bigger fan than before.  i can now go five days (or more) with only “washing” my hair with water and it looks great! IMG_1656 i will say that I seem to get crazier morning hair than before and I usually have to get it wet to make it behave again (i used to be able to just brush it out), but that’s not a big deal. IMG_1662 if anything, my hair seems dryer than it was before (fine with me!).  here’s my hair on tuesday evening after washing with only water since friday morning:

IMGP4135 i’ll admit that it’s not the most glamorous hair ever, but not at all bad, considering!

i  also learned this month that soft water (vs. hard water) makes a huuuuuuuuge difference.  our water softener salt ran out and we hadn’t gotten around to refilling it yet.  my hair became limp, heavy and almost waxy and my usual washing treatments didn’t seem to have any effect, but as soon as we added salt to the softener… bingo!  five days of water-only washings and it still looks and feels great!IMGP4160other things i’ve noticed:  the amount of hair i lose in the shower has decreased dramatically and i haven’t had to send scary chemicals down our drain to clear out the “gunk” in awhile (i usually have to do this about once every 2-3 months.  long story, involving non-standard plumbing).  also, rearranging my wet hair with just my fingers (not a hairbrush) seems to be most effective.  it seems to have more “body” that way (somehow the hairbrush flattens it?).IMGP4144

i decided to try to do a little research tonight to try to figure out the “science” behind this movement and … there are conflicting reports and i have yet to find anything from an established reputable source.  here’s a link explaining why you should do this method and here’s a link explaining why you shouldn’t (although the end of the second post certainly feels like this particular writer has a bit of an agenda…. and be sure to read the comments, they make some good points).  all i know is, it’s working for me right now.  i’ll stick it out for awhile.

IMGP4168and yes, i think it’s time to do another baking soda/vinegar treatment tomorrow morning.

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