canoeing on a summer morning

i had the day off on thursday, so i went canoeing with a friend from church. we put the boat into the marshy area just off of the beltline and after 5 minutes of paddling, we could barely hear the traffic. the fish were very active this morning! every four or five feet in the water we saw small, violent whirlpools of 2-5 fish so close to the top of the water that you could see their backs and sometimes their eyes. they were so big! and they didn’t seem to notice that we were there. in fact, the boat got bumped a few times by fish coming up right underneath us. on the way back into the dock, a dragonfly landed on my thumb and stayed there for a few minutes. he finally left when we pulled into the dock and then flew off as if to say, “oh, this is my stop!”

i had biked to the canoeing spot, so i did the rest of my errands on bicycle that morning. i was all done before noon! how lovely to have the rest of the day free!

i made sun tea with fresh mint.

i had lunch and supper outdoors.

i hung laundry on a makeshift clothesline that i strung up last week. it feels so nice to get back to doing things the way we did when i was a kid–sometimes a bit more work, but more simple and satisfying.

homemade coconut creme pie for dessert–grandma christner’s yummy recipe.

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