pantry challenge revised….

IMGP3568alright.  who guessed that we’d last about 4 days and that the first thing that would force us back to the grocery store would be…. carrots?  here’s the thing.  about an hour after i posted the pantry challenge post, i went to cook a soup and discovered that we were out of celery, down to our last two carrots and that half of the onions in our pantry were rotten and when i tried to mince a clove of garlic from our last head, it was so dessicated that this happened:

IMGP3571still, we managed to limp through most of the week and we did use up some things that needed to get used up (i’m looking at you, beauty heart radishes and freezer-burned meatballs….), so instead of giving up completely, i’m simply going to adjust the rules. In addition to milk, let’s say that we can also buy eggs and produce.  Let’s see how long that lasts.

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