fashion chronicles: orange cashmere two ways

this most excellent pumpkin-colored cardigan was one of my “three-in-one-day” finds.  it is vintage and a size “small” and i love it for its length (short) and color and that it’s super soft, lightweight and warm.  definitely worth the $4 i paid for it.

here’s a shot where you can sort of see the t-shirt better.  it’s from threadless and there’s a mouse pushing that elephant.

and here’s the sweater again with dress + boots!  (please ignore the fact that my legs appear to have nothing to do with the top half of my body.  my camera remote battery is dead, so i’m left to use the timer and manual focus and, let’s just say i’m still learning how that works best!)  i love this boden dress (thrifted!  $4!).  i’m not sure i’m really thin enough to pull it off yet, but i just can’t wait!  (yeah, this pose looks okay, but the other dozen shots were quite a bit lumpier.)

i also got to wear it with my favorite poor robin bracelet, hooray!

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8 Responses to fashion chronicles: orange cashmere two ways

  1. Armande says:

    Love the bold colors! And I especially like that button bracelet, so multi colored, it will go with everything!

  2. Momma says:

    Very nice, chica!

  3. Amanda says:

    You looked great yesterday! Not lumpy at all. :)

  4. ruhama says:

    *sigh* boden catalogs are to drool over… lucky you!

  5. Carissa says:

    oh thanks! it’s so hard to tell how you look in real life–you have to rely only on photos and mirrors. i tend to suck my belly in when i’m looking at mirrors, so lumpy photos make me nervous (did i really look like that all day?!), but with your kind feedback, I’ll just assume that those photos were especially lumpy because i was sticking my hip out trying to “pose” or something. :)

  6. Jen K. says:

    I love it! You look great.

    The two outfits with the same cardigan rocks my world. I love the contrast. How do you put together outfits like that? It all just seems so well put together and has such pizazz. Does it take you hours and hours? Or maybe just a few minutes? What are your tips and secrets? Do tell!

  7. ann a says:

    I find that I look lumpiest when I am wearing tights or stockings with a constricting waistband. One remedy is to just skip them. Another is to pull them up all the way to my natural waist, or even up to my ribs (above my tum tum). I feel like I look thinner when my clothes fit well, even when the number on the tag is higher than I’d like it to be. Nobody sees the tag.

    I agree that you don’t look lumpy at all in these pics–beautiful, in fact–but I wanted to share my tips bc you mentioned it. I’d rather be round and comfortable than trim and constricted! :-) (most days, that is)

    I love this series and get excited every time you post something! Your blog always inspires me.

    Almost forgot! Love each of these items: tee, dress, cardigan!

  8. I think you’ve started to find your rhythm with your style explorations. I am geeking OUT over these latest photos. You are so gorgeous, Carissa!

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