fashion chronicles: orange cashmere two ways

this most excellent pumpkin-colored cardigan was one of my “three-in-one-day” finds.  it is vintage and a size “small” and i love it for its length (short) and color and that it’s super soft, lightweight and warm.  definitely worth the $4 i paid for it.

here’s a shot where you can sort of see the t-shirt better.  it’s from threadless and there’s a mouse pushing that elephant.

and here’s the sweater again with dress + boots!  (please ignore the fact that my legs appear to have nothing to do with the top half of my body.  my camera remote battery is dead, so i’m left to use the timer and manual focus and, let’s just say i’m still learning how that works best!)  i love this boden dress (thrifted!  $4!).  i’m not sure i’m really thin enough to pull it off yet, but i just can’t wait!  (yeah, this pose looks okay, but the other dozen shots were quite a bit lumpier.)

i also got to wear it with my favorite poor robin bracelet, hooray!

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