fashion chronicles: i now have a boot obsession. here are two pairs.

this outfit gave me the confidence on saturday to face over 100 people attending my storytime, the extra 40 or so who trickled in after storytime to see the visiting farm animals, and the small group of teens who showed up in the afternoon to enjoy some “horrorgami” (creepy paper folding) in the “craft lab.”  i love the gingham button down (although i wish it had full-length sleeves instead of 3/4 so the cuffs would peek out) and this cable-knit sweater was one of three (three!) cashmere sweaters i scored in one recent, very impressive thrifting day.

however, i will say that these pants are now somewhat big on me (they’re at the hitch-them-up-every-few-minutes stage) and i’m just not sure i’m doing the pants-tucked-into-boots thing right.  they aren’t supposed to be all bunched up around my knees like that, are they?  i’ve been sneaking peeks at other people who seem to have the tucked pants thing down-pat and they all have super-skinny-tight jeans (or just leggings/jeggings) aaaaand, they all seem to have found boots with looser tops that don’t hug their calves quite as tightly (or maybe they all just have toothpicks for legs?).  edited to add:  i just noticed that audrey’s pants are all scrunched around her knees in picture #2 halfway through this post, so never mind all that waffling up there.

i’m also still not sure i like the contrast of dark boots with a lighter colored pant leg….

i feel much more confident about wearing boots with tights and a dress.  this is not the greatest picture of this dress, but we were losing light and this was the best of the bunch!  it is my new favorite dress–sooooo comfortable!  it can be dressed up or down and it’s a great neutral color that goes with pretty much everything i own.

i also love this new scarf.  it’s 100% silk and feels like a cloud.  i can wear it so many different ways.  i think you’ll see a lot of this scarf.  this is actually the second day in a row that i wore this cardigan, but the sleeves are still a bit of a conundrum for me.  i can’t decide if i like them, or if they’re weird.  i think they look a little better when they’re scrunched up near the elbow, but they don’t stay scrunched for long.  but i do love the color and it’s very soft. it’s sparrow brand and i think that’s anthropologie, so hooray for my awesome thrift stores!

i’ve blabbed on long enough.  i’ll talk about the boot obsession (with better photos of them) in some other post.

outfit #1:  sweater : (thrifted) george :: shirt : (thrifted) izod :: jeans : (thrifted) old navy

outfit #2:  (everything thrifted except the tights) dress : soprano :: cardigan : sparrow :: necklace : lia sophia :: scarf : popy moreni :: tights (from my stash, tj maxx years ago??) :: boots : chaps ralph lauren

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