movie monday: playing cars with great grandpa (and an invitation to you, dear readers!)

the happy little dude has only one great grandpa still living. i am so glad they have such a good time together each time we visit.

p.s. while we were visiting, i got asked several times what crafty projects i’d been working on lately, and my lack of answer was a wake-up call. then, i checked the blog and.. yup, i’ve had a small handful here and there this spring, but it is high time i find my way back into the craft room. i’m toying with the idea of doing a quiet book* sew-along**. anyone interested in joining me?

*quiet book/busy book: handmade of felt, with detailed pages that include activities for kids to do, usually in the car, or in church
**sew-along: in this case, i haven’t yet decided my frequency of completion goal (one page a week, maybe?), but the idea is that i’ll post the pattern that i’m planning to make, along with links to plenty of inspiration and you can feel free to join me by sewing your own page-a-week (or whatever rate i/we choose. not more frequent that that, though!) if we support each other, at the end of a few… months(?) we’ll have a fantastic keepsake to keep or to gift. even if sewing a bunch of itty-bitty pieces of felt sounds like torture to you, i’d love to hear back from readers who would be interested to follow this journey should i choose to be this crazy. your comments on my posts are the best incentive to not wimp out!

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2 Responses to movie monday: playing cars with great grandpa (and an invitation to you, dear readers!)

  1. ruhama says:

    ah, that’s why so many quiet book ideas got pinned recently! ;)

  2. Magda says:

    Yes. I’m in . For my future grand kids ( none yet)

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