collaborative baby shower gift: an abc photo book!

today we threw a baby shower for some very dear friends.  it was a lovely party with a delicious brunch and no cheesy uncomfortable shower games, but my favorite project was a gift we created for the parents-to-be:  an alphabet book!  i was initially inspired by this post on the craftzine blog, but then the more i tried to figure out the logistics and tried to envision all of these friends trying to sew together a felt page and get it mailed to me in two weeks, the less i believed it would work.  then, i remembered this other book idea i’d seen recently and i realized i could combine the two ideas and make this all so much simpler.  i sent out an invitation to friends near and far, asking them to send me an photo representing one letter of the alphabet, preferably using a word that had special meaning for the parents.  once i got the photos back (and what a fantastic variety of styles and words i got!) i added text to the images and printed them out at 4×6″ and just tucked them all into a plastic photo album.  want a sneak peek at the inside?

i also included a page listing the names of the contributors beside the letter they’d done.  they loved it!


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