gift report: part 2

i think my favorite gift for the happy baby this year came from my dad.  i casually e-mailed him one day to ask if he could make a house similar to this awesome one made by joel and he took my request quite literally and built this:

he even made it to scale (despite the fact that joel didn’t list dimensions in his post) by using a ruler on his computer screen to calculate the thickness of the wood joel had used and extrapolating the rest of the measurements from there!  above and beyond, dad.

he also made some furniture (cushions made by me, carpets are leftover samples from flor) and i bought some people with no loose parts to go missing.

yesterday we worked on a bit of decorating.  i added a scrap of chalkboard cloth and the happy baby created the chalk art and then also added an art installation on the ceiling made from clear tape.

i can’t wait to add more art, some pieces of nature and maybe try my hand at wire furniture.  i love the simplicity of this  house design and i’m totally thrilled with my dad’s interpretation!


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