flannel friday: cold weather clothes (bi-lingual!)

on friday mornings, we often attend a spanish-english storytime at the library two miles away from the one i work at.  this bi-lingual storytime is lead by one of the parents who used to attend my storytimes regularly when her children were younger and she is really fantastic.  i’ve nabbed a number of her ideas as i build my spanish storytime repertoire.  when she did “hace mucho frio,” i knew i had to make my own version.  what a perfect flannel story for wisconsin!  the music and words can be found in the book play and learn spanish by ana lomba (it’s sung to the tune of the farmer in the dell) and while i won’t post them here, the general gist of the song is that the boy is going outside on a cold morning and so he puts on one piece of warm clothes for each verse of the song.  unfortunately, by midday, the sun has come out and he’s feeling hot, so he removes each piece of winter clothing, again one piece per verse.  so simple and so effective.  (and easy to translate if you want to sing an english version too!)

here are scans of the pieces i created–click on them to see a larger image.  feel free to print them and use them as patterns to make your own.  the boy is larger than a single sheet of paper, so just print out both pages and tape them together, lining up the hands.

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