celebrate the boy: rocket romper edition!

it’s time for another celebrate the boy post!  i’ve actually had this project completed for awhile, but haven’t had time to put the blog post together until tonight.  (um, still don’t really have time.  it’s 1 a.m.  let’s keep this brief.)

forgot to photograph original shirt, but just picture a boring subtly heathered teal mock turtleneck with super soft, thick jersey knit.

the rocket is my own original illustration, applied with freezer paper stencil technique and orange and silver screen printing inks (yep, i like to mix things up.)

i think it’s probably pajamas, but it would also make nice clothes for traveling in or just lounging around at home.  again, based on the 90-minute shirt with a modification to make it into a romper.  to get sort of an idea of what i did, here’s a great explanation for how to turn a t-shirt pattern into a romper.  maybe someday i’ll post a full tutorial.  but no promises.

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