my little star-bellied sneetch*

the latest “boring-shirt-to-cutie-baby-clothes” transformation (i really should remember to take “before” pictures of these shirts).

this time i finally got a good method for the leg snaps.  if you want photos, let me know and i’ll put together a tutorial, but the short, text-based explanation is this:

ingredients–1″ twill tape, hammer-on snap sets (5-7 sets), hammer

step 1:  finish the raw leg seams with ribbing (same as collar).

step 2:  hammer the snaps onto your twill tape, making sure that the spacing is even and that the snap sets will match up.

step 3.  sew the twill tape to the leg seams (don’t forget, one side on the “wrong” side of the outfit, the other on the “right” side of the outfit, so they overlap when snapped).

this works much better than trying to hammer a snap through your rib-knit edging (my first attempt.  too many layers!) or sewing on those strips of snaps they sell already attached to twill tape (my second attempt.  that tape is too narrow and there’s not enough room to move even your zipper foot beside the snap).  this solution seems to be the most sturdy and the most tidy solution.  if anyone else has a different solution they’ve come up with, i’d be glad to hear it!

oh, i also used new rib knit yardage for the long sleeves because all of my scrap knit is stripey or reeeeeeeally the wrong color for this outfit.  i kinda like the way it turned out and it allowed me to get a nice match of the neck trim to sleeves.  and that long sleeve/short sleeve thing makes it look slightly less like pajamas (at least i think it does).  now if i could just get the collar to rest a little lower on his neck…

gotta love his rooster tail hair here!

*if the title confuses you, click here.

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