look what i made yesterday!

this gorgeous batch of pink (!) applesauce was made from farmer’s market heirloom apples.  the sauce is a perfect blend of tart and sweet with absolutely no sugar added.  the happy baby is teething right now and applesauce is pretty much the only thing he’ll happily eat (other than a bottle full of formula).  i wonder if i should make more next weekend?  this was the easiest thing i’ve ever made to can (largely facilitated by the loan of a victorio strainer) and the color is just unbelievable.  in the interest of keeping it real, i should probably also mention that the day before yesterday i tried to make pear sauce and because i was also trying to do a million other things at the same time, i burned the pears so badly that they scorched the bottom of the pan and even after some extremely aggressive scrubbing there’s still a black ring around the bottom edge of my favorite stock pot.  the top layer of pears (or really anything that wasn’t touching the bottom of the pan) still looked okay, so i went ahead and mushed them up through the strainer, but even though i avoided all of the black crunchy bits, they still smelled and tasted a bit like a campfire.

this t-shirt wasn’t even on my very long to-do list this weekend, but the happy baby was in a surprisingly good mood in the afternoon and i didn’t want to waste it, so i set him up with some good toys in the craft room and i cranked out this shirt.  the longest part of the process was the designing portion.  oh, and changing thread on the serger.  i love the way it turned out and might need to make some more.

and i haven’t forgotten about the kids clothing week challenge, i will post it.  eventually.

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