my common threads quilt

here’s the current state of my common threads “bookshelf” quilt (hooray for the process pledge!).  last night i finally finished sewing all of the strips of books together (after adding about 30″ of my own “books”).  i have to give a big thank you to everyone in the common threads quilt bee who contributed to this quilt.  first of all, i love the enormous variety of prints that everyone contributed!  fantastic colors and i just love the way it’s looking so far!  secondly, even though i tried to be really precise (after hearing from others about how easily the books go wonky) even the small strip i sewed was challenging to keep straight.  this would have been a much different (and not so nice) looking quilt if i’d tried to do it alone.

the next step will be to trim the top edges of each row of books (they’re different heights right now) and add in a strip of white fabric between each row.  but then … i still need to make a decision about the back (pieced?  maybe a solid piece of stripes?) and the quilting pattern and i’m toying with the idea of hiring a long arm quilter to do the quilting… any suggestions about a quilting pattern?  or tips for finding a good long arm quilter?  (i’m assuming i can just ask around at my local quilting shop for names??)  any good questions i need to ask?  i’m just a bit nervous about shoving a bed-sized quilt into my own sewing machine and i want this quilt to turn out really nice when it’s finished.  plus, i’d like it to be finished sometime this year!

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