why didn’t we do this earlier?

last christmas, at my parents’ house, we really enjoyed watching the birds at their birdfeeders and mr. happy stuff made an off-hand comment that maybe we should get some birdfeeders at our house.  i’m not sure why this hadn’t occurred to me earlier–we always enjoy watching their birds and we live in a very woodsy area with lots of birds and our dining room has these wonderful large windows that were just begging for birdfeeders.  so, this year for his birthday, i purchased a thistle seed feeder for finches and some thistle seed.  i hadn’t really seen finches before at our house (lots of cardinals and woodpeckers, but not finches) so i wasn’t sure how it would work, but after about 3 or 4 days, the finches found us and we’ve been loving it ever since.  we loved it so much that we decided to also spend the birthday money from mr. happy stuff’s parents to purchase a second birdfeeder (designed to hold peanuts or sunflower seeds) and a suet block holder.

we’ve both been enjoying watching and identifying the birds (chickadee!  finch!  nuthatch? woodpecker!) and mr. happy stuff had a whole tripod/remote control thing set up with the camera today to capture these shots.

and two other member of our household have been equally enthralled with the new installation and hilarious to watch as well.

we’ve always referred to the open back door as “kitty tv” and now it’s like we’ve gotten kitty cable–they love it!

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