happy hearty day!

this morning, mr. happy stuff took me to sardine for brunch.  we’ve been meaning to try it out forever, and today was the day.  we ate amazingly delicious food …. baked creamed eggs with gruyere, proscuitto and spinach with a side order of the most delicious cheese grits for me, grilled sausages with the most flavorful squash risotto for mr. h-s….. i fell in love with the risotto’s crispy outside crust and stole more than my fair share of it from my obliging husband…. he drank coffee that he told me was really very good, i enjoyed fresh pink grapefruit juice…. we enjoyed watching the other people eating at the bar–oysters on the half shell!  croque monsiuer!– and saw more bloody mary’s and mimosa’s being made than i’d ever seen before.  i love the twist of the wrist that they do when curling the orange rind into the champagne glass and we both agreed that we’d never seen so much garnish piled on top of a drink as their bloody mary’s (a big fat green olive, two cornichons, a small pile of something that looked like chopped radish and parsley? and a few shavings of fresh lemon zest plus a slice of lemon and a slice of lime–all on top of a drink glass (rimmed with something that looked like beach sand…. can salt be brown perhaps? celery salt!  (thanks, amyj!)) so full that i was continually amazed that i never witnessed any spills).  we also splurged and split an apricot/raspberry/blueberry scone (with a citrus glaze) to finish the meal.  perfect.

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