fabulous shades of green

i went swimming (indoors) today after work and whenever i do that i always come home starving.  so when i was scrambling to find something to eat and noticed a recipe i’d gotten out of the october issue of martha stewart for “cheese flautas with cilantro pesto” my gut instinct was, “no!  takes too long!” but then i took a deep breath, realized i actually had all of the ingredients on hand and that they wouldn’t really take all that long to make, and enlisted the help of mr. happy stuff (who was also surprised that i was willing to take on somewhat elaborate dinner plans).  together, we put together the cilantro pesto (based on pepitas instead of pine nuts, cilantro instead of basil, plus lime juice, olive oil and garlic–yum!) which produced a fantastic green oil.  then, we assembled the flautas (and added chicken to some of them which was good) and devoured them with sour cream and avocados (another great shade of green).

but my favorite shade of green came in the mail today in the form of a complete surprise gift from my bloggy friend (and common threads cohort) rebekah.  look at this fantastic koolhaas hat she knitted and sent to me:

isn’t it just gorgeous??!!  i super love it.  it’s so soft.  i’m actually wearing it right now because i don’t want to take it off.  there was definitely a happy dance involved in opening up that package.  wheee!

this is the back so that you can see the fabulous texture of the pattern:

thank you, rebekah!

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