a walk in the woods

although we live in the middle of the city, our home is near a nature preserve, so we have easy access to “the woods.”  we’ve been in this house for about 6 years and earlier this spring discovered (for the first time) a lovely path back into those woods that is partially paved and wide and very nice to walk or run on.  our first visit was cut short, however, by a vicious and ravenous cloud of mosquitoes so we haven’t been back to visit the trail very often.

this morning at breakfast, mr. happy stuff mentioned that he’d like to go for a walk back in the woods today.  the weather was chilly, but sunny and since we’d had our first frost, the mosquitoes shouldn’t be a problem.  so, after finishing our waffles, we bundled up, grabbed the camera, and headed out. something about our walk today reminded me of my childhood when i’d play in the woods with my cousins.  we liked to build fairy houses.  don’t those acorn caps, still on the branch above, remind you of a hat store for fairies?

and that moss?  fabulous shag carpeting for a fairy house!  the mushrooms would make nice bookshelves, too. mr. happy stuff found a map of the trail (on our way home–we’d missed it on the way in and were just sort of “trailblazing” on our own walk) and there are tons more paths we haven’t explored yet.  i love discovering new treasures in my own backyard.  i love it even more when mr. happy stuff joins me.

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