the yellow rose of cactus

this evening, when i came home from work, i discovered, to my great surprise, that a very old and much abused cactus that a friend bequeathed to me years ago before she moved across the country had bloomed.  for the first time since i’ve owned it (i think).  and it has 4 more buds.  this is a cactus that has sat under mountains of ice and snow for several winters now.  a cactus whose pot is crowded with aggressive weeds.  a cactus that is crowded over to the very edge of the pot like the person at the back of a full elevator.  and yet look at this beauty it produced.  i’m sure there’s a metaphor in here somewhere…. but let’s not ruin the simple beauty of this flower by imposing meaning on it.  shhhh… just look at how pretty it is.  sigh.

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