an etsy first (for me)

today i made my first etsy sale to someone i don’t know!  interestingly, all of the items i’ve sold through my shop so far are pieces from past pidoodle projects (say that five times fast!).  not sure what that says, but i’m happy people are finding and liking the things that i’ve made, no matter when i made them.

(p.s. the photo is of one of the 7 poppies that bloomed in my yard this year.  they only last for about a week as a group–only about a day or maybe two days per flower.  doesn’t seem to matter if i pick them or leave them, they last about the same amount of time.  i love the crinkly leaves and the twiddly little centers.  but they’re very difficult for me to photograph well for some reason.  i liked the way this shot turned out.  maybe i’ll show you a few others in the next day or two.  maybe.)

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