a little laugh and a delicious dinner

this morning when i walked upstairs to take a shower, i saw a little kitty face in an unusual spot.  she was just sitting there, in the tub, looking at me.  and i just had to take a picture.  it just cracked me up too much.

today was mr. happy stuff’s birthday, so i took him out to restaurant muramoto. after our first visit there last september, we just knew we had to return. it didn’t disappoint. once again, our favorite parts of the meal were the tiny, one-bite first course options (mmm…. roasted beet with goat cheese and yuzu miso…. even though i don’t know what yuzu miso is except for delicious.) and the sushi rolls. i think my favorite sushi roll was one called “gun smoke” which included bacon, smoked salmon, tomato, watercress, and was rolled in a tempura crunch. oh man. who knew that crunchy bits on the outside of a sushi roll could be so delicious? i also enjoyed a drink they called “sunrise over soho” which was fresh grapefruit juice and a lychee liqueur. yum. although it was a gift that couldn’t really be wrapped, i think mr. happy stuff was quite pleased with it. i was happy to oblige…

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