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a canoe morning

this morning, after several weather-cancelled attempts to go canoeing, we were finally able to get out on the water. i was rather late arriving to meet my canoeing friends because i couldn’t find my driver’s license and one of my … Continue reading

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biking to work

today was the last work day for a looooong time that i had no programs and no meetings scheduled.  in additon, after a week of biblical-style rain, the weather was beautiful, so i decided to take advantage of these factors … Continue reading

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greeting old friends

today, mr. h-s and i embarked on a familiar bike ride, but one that i hadn’t done since…. maybe last fall sometime?  it’s a little less than 30 miles round trip, so it was the longest ride i’d done in … Continue reading

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highlights from a busy, fun weekend

tuesday marks the eighth anniversary of mr. happy stuff and i getting married, so this weekend, we celebrated.  after our grand friday night fajita fete, we slept in a little bit on saturday morning, then went to the first outdoor … Continue reading

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underwater tea party

oh, i wish i had an underwater camera!*  tonight, i went swimming with two friends and one showed me a fun thing she used to do as a kid (maybe everyone else already knows about these?  maybe i knew at … Continue reading

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a chilly day is good for chili!

you (silly you) may think that a “chilly day” means it was cold.   nope.  not in wisconsin after the snowiest winter ever! a chilly day (high near 45 degrees!) seems downright springlike.  and everyone in town was out celebrating … Continue reading

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back in the water again….

this week i am finally back into the swimming pool.  it’s been so long and it’s nice to be back in the water again.  i’ve been twice this week already.  i didn’t want to go when it was so bitterly … Continue reading

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back in the saddle again….

i am happy to say (with just a little bit of caution and wood-knocking) that the sporty me is back!  i was forced to take a hiatus last fall due to a running injury (likely due to too-old shoes–apparently 3 … Continue reading

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bike the barns

whew! we just got back from a 64 mile bike ride that was both grueling and great. it was a benefit ride for macsac, but i somehow missed the “you should try to get people to pledge money” part of … Continue reading

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13 wild turkeys

this morning i went for a run. before i even reached the woodsy area, i saw some largish black shapes scurry across the road. from far away, i couldn’t tell if they were of the furry rodent variety (raccoons or … Continue reading

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