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my epicurean cat

one of my two kitties is much more interested in people food than the other one.  she always comes if she hears signs of ice cream or yogurt (not particularly surprising) but tonight she expanded her repertoire a bit.  i … Continue reading

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silly swears

(not my photo) the other day, one of my co-workers was trying to balance the cash drawer and was getting frustrated and i overheard her say, “oh, sugar beans, booger beans!” and it made me laugh. it also reminded me … Continue reading

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child’s play

tonight, i was cheered up by two boys playing two made-up games–or at least ones i’d never seen before. the first game was during a library program and he called it “the oreo game” and claimed that once you’d seen … Continue reading

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miss communication

this morning, as we were leaving the farmer’s market, mr. happy stuff (who now has the new nickname “60 grit” on account of his facial stubble) pointed out a dog that was riding in a car passing by and was … Continue reading

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kids’ names for pets

i love it when young children name the family pet. i once knew a kid whose family had a pet piranha fish that he named “muffin.” more recently, one of my young friends named his new betta fish “foops the … Continue reading

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that, my friends, is the sound of a checkmark being written decisively beside a to-do list item. today was the day one of my librarian friends and i did a presentation about this year’s summer library program for an audience … Continue reading

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musings on bingo

a friend once told me that someone told her once that it was a good idea to give your child a name with five letters because then you can teach them how to spell their name by singing it to … Continue reading

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oxymoronical kitty

this morning, my cat was sitting on the floor, purring very loudly and mr. happy stuff referred to her as a “sub-woofer.”

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all the way home!

last night in storytime, i pointed to a picture of a pig in the book i was reading and i asked the kids, “and what does this say?” one little boy replied without hesitation, “wee, wee, wee!”

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two left feet

the other morning as i was getting dressed, i pulled on my boots, stood up and realized that something didn’t feel right. i had put my boots on the wrong feet! silly me. so i sat down, pulled them off … Continue reading

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