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the softer side of michigan city

long time readers may recall my trip to michigan city last year.  that visit was all about quirky antique shops (at least for me.  for most of the party guests, including dear mr. happy stuff, the trip was actually about … Continue reading

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my new nephew

i spent last weekend snuggling my new, squishy baby nephew. and hanging out with his big brother. who is obsessed with balls of all kinds.  (can you see the soccer players that he’s watching?) and inducting him into the big … Continue reading

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meeting a new small friend

here are a few photos from a fun visit i had today, to meet the new daughter of some friends of mine. thanks, friends, for wonderful conversation, yummy cookies and tea, and a grand time meeting your baby girl.  she’s … Continue reading

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cute kids (or christmas, part 3)

i am fortunate enough to have my best friend from college living in the same small (faraway) town as my sister, so whenever we go out to visit family, i often stay at my friend’s house and enjoy a little … Continue reading

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we went camping with church friends this weekend.  here are some of my favorite photos: scenes from a canoe love the clear reflection in the water on both the shot above and the one below. can you see the walking … Continue reading

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a weekend of beauty

ahhh… i needed that. so many beautiful bits this last weekend. first, this weekend was the annual local festival that culminates in an aerial dance performance suspended from the trees by a troupe called cycropia. i’ve blogged about them before … Continue reading

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you learn something new…

so i thought about titling yesterday’s post “you learn something new every day” and then decided not to.  but then i learned something new again today and couldn’t resist using it for today’s title.  here are some of the new … Continue reading

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another weekend of productive domesticity and photography

my weekend sort of started on friday this week (i say “sort of” because i had to work a few hours on saturday) and i spent the friday morning taking pictures of a friend’s children.  it was a new experience … Continue reading

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my myopia

i am very near-sighted. this morning, when i woke up, i was looking out my window (before i put my glasses on) and noticing how pretty the sunlight spots danced in the leaves of the tree outside my window and … Continue reading

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new wallpapers

i’ve added a few new desktop wallpapers! check them out at the link at the top of the page or click here.

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