lotta cute patterns!

i finally got my hands on a library copy of lotta jansdotter‘s book, simple sewing for baby and it is so inspiring!  in fact, despite my pile of things to do (top of the list:  take care of baby who is developing a shorter nap habit, yikes!) i dropped everything to make two projects right away.  first, i tried a bib.  i made some adjustments to her pattern instructions and made it two layers instead of one (my laminated cotton material was curling up and wouldn’t lie flat, so i added a flannel back) and my serger was acting up at the time, so instead of serging the edges, i sewed it inside out, turned it and edge-stitched it.)  and i left off the pocket (out of sheer laziness).  the extra brown piece around the neck was because i only had a quarter yard of the laminated cotton and i wanted the pattern to go in this direction and i thought that maybe flannel would be softer on the back of the neck than plastic anyway.  i’m not necessarily advocating that others make these changes (in fact, i can see how there could be some inherent flaws in wearing a bib that doesn’t absorb liquid or have a pocket…. can you say soggy lap?), but just wanted to explain why my bib looks different than the one in the book.

the second thing i made were the super cute bloomers.  i love this pattern and may have to make more of them.  i also love that the way she’s sewn and styled them in the book they are completely appropriate for boys and not just for wearing under dresses anymore.  the only changes i made to this pattern was to use a contrasting fabric for the bias trim around the leg holes (it’s hidden on the inside) because i didn’t have enough of the plaid to cut a bias piece and i still had some leftover bias-cut brown from the quilt i just made.  i was a little confused at first about how those leg holes worked (i thought the brown would be visible) but when i studied the pattern and the pictures a little more closely, i figured out my mistake before they were sewn together wrong.  here’s my version of her bloomer pattern on my own cute little model:

funny story:  that fabric was repurposed from an old pair of mr. happy stuff’s boxer shorts!  :)  tee hee!

i’m pretty sure i need to own this book.

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8 Responses to lotta cute patterns!

  1. ruhama says:

    yep, i agree–make this high priority on that amazon wish list!

    the bloomers turned out *great*.

  2. Susan says:

    i LOVE the bloomers.

  3. momma says:

    He is soooooo cute!!!!!

  4. Heidi says:

    I love his belly button!

  5. Rebekah says:

    That laminated cotton is such a cool print!

    And those bloomers are too cute!

  6. gianna says:

    i grew up with a mom who totally sewed EVERYTHING for me. I would have to BEG her for a pair of jeans! Seriously–she often gave in after the first begging, but as I grew older I started to realize how lucky I was to have that. She made all of my formals (and I was minnie mouse for prom–a classy minne mouse!) and she even made my wedding dress. there is more to that story if you ever want to hear it.
    Anyway, my point is, keep sewing for your baby. She will love it.
    (I, on the other hand, can barely sew a button on my husband’s pants!)
    Oh, yeah. I found you through Ruhama, who happens to be my SIL! And the pant’s who belonged to my husband happen to belong to her brother!

  7. Emilia says:

    Does anyone know how to cut the elastic for the Bloomers? She provides the total measurement for the elastic–1 yard–but what is the length for each leg opening and for the waist? I found nothing… I am making it for a baby who’s not yet born, so I have no clue… HELP!!!!

  8. Carissa says:

    I think the idea is that you measure the baby. If it’s for an unborn child, that makes it tricky. Do you have access to other babies you could measure? Otherwise, I’d just google “standard clothing measurements for newborns” and see if anything useful came up. Good luck!

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